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About Sandi Coryell

Short Bio

Like you, leadership and business consultant and speaker Sandi Coryell has seen countless people struggle to become a better leader, to build better teams, and, ultimately, to deliver better results for their people and their organization. Despite what they may 'know' to do, many leaders grapple with how to actually do it when they are in the trenches, in that moment of decision, and under the extreme pressure that leaders face today.

Sandi spent over 20 years in Senior Executive positions in the high pressure, time constrained advertising and entertainment industries working with clients such as Universal Pictures, Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood, and MCA-TV so she is no stranger to that day to day challenge to be a better leader while also delivering strong bottom line results. As a Leadership Consultant and Speaker, Sandi draws on both her own 'in the trenches' experience of how to create exceptional leaders and teams in the face of the demands of the day as well as on her extensive study in Leadership and Organizational behavior, culminating in a Master of Science degree.

Sandi's focus on leadership development reflects this combination. She blends both a conversational style with high content, practical information that sticks to a leader's gut when the heat is on, making leadership excellence a daily practice.

Her mantra is 'better leaders create better teams which create better results' and with her street savvy style she has the uncanny ability to be empathetic while simultaneously holding people highly accountable.

Bio / Speaking Introduction

Sandi brings a thought provoking combination of real world business leadership and "cut to the chase" street sensibility to her Leadership and Success Speeches. It's a style that engages audiences to think, be uncomfortable, and then knock down some walls and make changes.

Sandi ensures that her audiences are not just engaged in the room but also have plenty of tangible takeaways to keep them thinking after the lights go dark.

Let Sandi bring some of this energy to your next event.

Keynote Topics

Leadership-The Deviant Advantage

Business today is one giant paradox. Be authentic but have an executive presence. Be innovative but don't take too many risks. Engage employees but deliver to a strict bottom line.

It's no wonder that so many leaders are struggling to make sense of it all. Leaders have been taught the rules of the game but the real prize goes to only the few who can master how to apply the rules in a fast paced, paradoxical world.

With 'The Deviant Advantage', Sandi engages leaders to do just that by sparking the insight that their greatest success lies in the genius of where they deviate from average and then detailing the key actions to turn that advantage into business growth.

The audience will walk away with a greater awareness of their own unique 'deviance' and understand how to leverage that to communicate more effectively, influence more positive actions, and empower people to deliver superior outcomes.

The Power of Culture

Culture is one of those things that if you grab it by the tail, it's the lift that accelerates potential in your people and your organization. It's one of the most powerful allies a leader can have to ensure successful employee engagement, innovation, and strong profitability.

But a distinctive culture that drives results does not happen by accident. It has to be designed, cultivated, and nurtured every day. It has to be so palpable that you 'feel' it before anyone opens their mouth.

In The Power of Culture, Sandi outlines an actionable blueprint for leaders to develop a kick ass culture that drives results.

Lights, Camera, Influence

Understanding how to influence is life changing.

In Lights, Camera, Influence, Sandi delivers a speech packed full of the Influence strategies that Hollywood uses to turn unknown films into worldwide blockbusters and she shows your audience how to use that tested formula as their own roadmap for success.

From initial awareness to butts in seats, studios have cracked the code of how to connect quickly, deliver persuasive messages, and move people to act.

Whether your goal is to ignite a passionate team, attract new clients, or make daily interactions more productive, you'll walk away from this presentation with actionable takeaways that you can start using immediately.

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