Leadership Keynote Speaker Sandi Coryell

It’s About the Audience

No canned theories on how leadership works in some make believe world. Sandi customizes each speech to address the real world situations that your audience faces. And she makes it easy for them to see ‘how it’s been’ and how they can quickly change things up for the better.

The Real Deal

Sandi's been there. She knows the gut wrenching sting of failures and the fist pumping thrill of the big wins. And she shares both with your audience in a straight shooter and empathetic style.

It gets them thinking and feeling differently about themselves, their teams and their business.


You don’t need to hear a rehash of leadership quotes and clichés. You want new insights that mean something to your business today and you want to know that they’ll work. Sandi delivers a combo of solid information and unique styling to create a one of a kind experience that your audience will love.


You can’t fake professionalism. Sandi has both the track record and the commitment to help you create the best event possible. She is your partner in making that happen from the word go.

Cutting Edge

Your audience benefits from Sandi’s extensive experience marketing Blockbuster Movies for major Hollywood studios. An industry where it’s not enough to be on trend, you have to set future trends. Sandi pulls from the latest thinking and translates that info into cutting edge, actionable takeaways for your attendees.


Your attendees are at your event because they want to hear something that’s going to give them a new edge. But, let’s be honest, they also want to be entertained along the way. Sandi stays in the moment. Uses spontaneous humor. And makes each person feel as if she's connected with them as an individual.