Leadership Keynote Speaker Sandi Coryell

I Thought You Were A Man: How to Lead Like A Woman & Win

60% of Women aspire to be a senior leader

….And 60% of women find it hard to see themselves as a leader.

With that kind of disconnect, it’s no wonder only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

Leader consulting and executive coaching

How do we stop trading financial rewards for pats on the back?

Or vying for the title of Miss Congeniality instead of CEO?

Whether it’s challenging stereotypes, recognizing micro biases, or learning to navigate unfamiliar waters in male dominated businesses, future women leaders are banging on the door.

Let’s stop banging and discover how to kick it open!

This keynote is designed to help women challenge the way they see themselves in leadership roles. And prepare them to connect their aspirations with their reality.

In this engaging and relatable keynote, Sandi shares her own challenges of rising from the ‘pink ghetto’ of advertising to President of a $500MM business unit at global ad giant DDB Worldwide.

And she highlights how with a few easy tweaks you can change the way you build your future.

Outcomes of this keynote:

  • Rewiring how you evaluate your accomplishments and Own Your Success
  • Understanding the importance of creating the ‘right’ connections
  • Knowing how to create the confidence to ask for what you deserve and position yourself for prime opportunities
  • Getting comfortable with challenging the status quo and taking more risks