Leadership Keynote Speaker Sandi Coryell

The Circus of Freaks: Creating A High Performance Team Experience

Leader consulting and executive coaching

Team performance is the #1 contributing factor to organizational success

60% of leaders report that their teams are under performing.

If you have over 50 people on your team, that number tanks. Down to only 14%.

Have you ever spent your Sunday morning with a steaming hot double latte and a stack of leadership books hoping to unearth the secret scroll….

You know the one. It holds the key to whipping your team into shape?

Once uncovered, your team will miraculously:

  • Find solutions instead of rehashing problems
  • Replace ‘my bad’ with actual accountability
  • Have teammates’ backs instead of blaming them for mistakes
  • Overflow with innovative ideas and stop taking the easy way out
  • Communicate with each other so well that you would think they wrote the Rosetta Stone for Team Communications

This keynote prepares attendees to develop exactly that type of team. And the high performance results that go with it.

No matter where they might be right now.

Sandi shares her own experiences leading a team of self described ‘misfits’ or ‘freaks.’ And how she turned them into an enviable and inclusive powerhouse.

Combined with new insights into what it takes today to synthesize strong individual performance with a dynamite team experience, Sandi provides actionable steps for immediate impact.

Outcomes of this keynote:

  • Know how to unleash the unique capabilities of everyone on your team
  • Understand the one technique that separates top teams from also rans
  • Discover how to identify what values create your team ‘tentpole’
  • Learn what you have to do everyday to build a team ‘experience’
  • Learn how to leverage differences to your greatest advantage