Leadership Keynote Speaker Sandi Coryell

Leadership Keynote Speaker

Organizations look to Sandi for her insights and unique spin on how to develop better leaders and better teams. She blends storytelling with her deep experience working with high pressure, fast paced global organizations for a powerful experience for your audience. They walk away with a greater awareness of how to achieve stronger results in their business and their life. And with actionable steps that can create immediate impact.

Leader consulting and executive coaching

Cultivating Blockbuster Influence-How to Lead Anyone in Any Situation

What does it take to lead successfully in the Modern World?

To have employees who are the envy of their overworked and disengaged friends. To have clients who brag to their competition about your relationship over drinks. And to have teams that collaborate & create in a way that rivals Poehler and Fey.

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Communication - How to Lead like a Woman

I Thought You Were A Man: How to Lead Like A Woman & Win

60% of Women aspire to be a senior leader….And 60% of women find it hard to see themselves as a leader.

With that kind of disconnect, it’s no wonder only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

How do we stop trading financial rewards for pats on the back? Or vying for the title of Miss Congeniality instead of CEO?

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High Performance Teams image

The Circus of Freaks: Creating A High Performance Team Experience

Team performance is the #1 contributing factor to organizational success

60% of leaders report that their teams are under performing.

If you have over 50 people on your team, that number tanks. Down to only 14%

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