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My first leadership lesson was when I was eight years old. I convinced the boys in my neighborhood to join in a rousing game of double Dutch jump rope with the girls. The boys denied that they loved it. But you don't sing 'for rent for rent a stinky tenement' with such gusto if you aren't enjoying it!

That was quite a feat in the tough, blue collar neighborhood of Worcester, MA where I grew up.

The 'double Dutch' incident was just the beginning, though. The neighborhood set my leadership foundation for understanding the importance of community. And for keeping your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary (good or bad). And for why intuition is as important as analysis when making decisions.

Even when you're under pressure. Check that....especially when you're under pressure.

That game also gave me a taste of how you could make the game better if you bring all different types of people into the mix. And that knowledge carried over into how I led teams.

Twenty years of leading teams and growing leaders.

My career started answering the phones. Ten years later I was President. The experiences along the way helped me lead as President of DDB Entertainment. A division of global advertising powerhouse DDB Worldwide.

High pressure, time constrained clients became my specialty. I have worked with some of the top brands in the world. Universal Pictures, Gramercy Films, MCA Television, Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. CityWalk, Portofino Hotel, among others.

And developed hundred of leaders who know that people are the key resource in growing businesses. And who know how to attract and keep top talent even in the most demanding of industries.

I am the author of The Deviant Advantage: The Key to Leading Anyone in Any Situation. Written because it's easy to lead people like yourself when things are going well.

But leading all different types of people in all different situations demands leadership development.

I hold a Masters Degree in Management with an emphasis in Executive Coaching from UT Dallas. And a BA in History from the University of Southern California.

Because it's warm and sunny, I now live in Los Angeles, CA

My two kids, Grace and Chas, are everything to me. I just wish I didn't sound so old when I tell people their ages.

Are you ready for greater success? If so, contact us or call us at 818-288-3483 to schedule a conversation with Sandi or to book a speaking engagement.

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Sandi Coryell
CEO, The Coryell Group