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Corporate Consulting & Executive Coaching

Leader consulting and executive coaching

I work with leaders in high pressure industries to significantly reduce turnover at the crucial middle management level. When we work together, you will know the exact steps necessary for you to retain talent at this level.

Create an Advantage

85% of companies lack a strong bench that can step up and lead.

Disengaged employees, leaders spread too thin, clients demanding more for less.

All factors in why it's so hard to spot and develop emerging leaders and collaborative teams.

Sandi works with leaders, teams, and companies to help them become awesome... and profitable. Become part of the 15% that's ready to take on any challenge thrown your way.

But take what you know about 'traditional' leadership development and chuck it. The old bag of tricks doesn't work anymore. It takes something different to develop a new breed of leaders that can compete in today's world.

Now, if you want to be a winner, you have to be better than other winners. And to do that, you need to retain the best talent.

Sandi helps you turn double digit unwanted attrition into single digits. And dismal employee engagement numbers into enviable ones.

Critical to retaining the best talent. It takes three things: leaders with influence, an environment that gets the best out of all different types of people, and dynamic team building.

If you want to work with someone who will help you uncover what's stopping you from achieving greater success, who tells you like it is, and who will support you to move past barriers once and for all, give Sandi a call today at 818-288-3483.

Your leaders are good.

So are your teams.

Are you ready to find out what it will take to make them so phenomenal that they will create a distinct Advantage for your business? For today and for the future.

Contact Sandi today at 818-288-3483