Leadership Speaker Sandi Coryell motivational burrito

Answer:  What is “Consuming an entire burrito at lunch, which I just did.”

Question: What makes it hard for you to stay motivated at work?

Yes, that is an actual response I got to that question. Along with “2′ feet of fresh powder’, ‘my boss calling me into his office every 30 seconds after leg day (at the gym),’ and ‘running out of Red Bull before 3P.’

Get beyond the implied snark of each comment and you’ll discover a real truth to why it’s so tough to put yourself in charge of motivating your team.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

And like most mere mortals, the pleasures and pains of our daily lives have a sneaky way of affecting even the best intentions.

Think about it. Did something totally unrelated to your a) productivity, b) sales call, or c) creative meeting get in the way of you giving it your all today?

It happens. And I see the results in my consulting with senior executives every day. A frustration I hear over and over is ‘how do I motivate my people to do better?”

My answer is always the same. You can’t. Not for long anyway.

Leadership Speaker Sandi Coryell

Motivation is fleeting and is impacted by way too many factors beyond your control for you to be successful.

Rather than setting yourself up as the ‘Motivational Commander,’ focus on how you can develop your influence.

Unlike the ebbs and flows of motivation, you can control how you build your influence with others.

It’s a far more effective strategy to get the best out of your people.

And way less likely to be impacted by a giant burrito.



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