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Is Your Culture Eating Your Strategy

I joined leadership experts Janice Whiting, Tanya Harris, and John Henry to discuss the value and impact of company culture on your organization’s strategy.   #leadership #culture #business strategy

Your Company’s Soul: The secret to higher engagement, retention, and profitability

I love soul music. That eclectic blend of styles like gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz.  I love the way it gets you to move, to interact, to get up and dance. It says something. You feel something when you hear it. Recently, we’re hearing a lot about the importance of ‘soul’ to organizational success. And… Read More…

Leadership & Employee Satisfaction:How to Prevent Empowerment from Turning Into Chaos

“Wait, you hired someone while I was on vacation? But I always get to interview people before we hire them.” That question was merely the starting pistol to months of sulking by a team leader who was ticked off that his management had allowed an entry level person to be hired to work on another… Read More…

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