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Editors: Please see permission to reprint following the list of articles.

Permission to Reprint

Permission to reprint articles by Sandi Coryell is hereby given to all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that the contact information at the end of each article is included in your publication. For organizations publishing articles electronically, at minimum, a live, click-able link to http://thecoryellgroup.com/ must also be included. Additionally, please mail one copy of your print publication to:

Sandi Coryell, The Coryell Group, 4385 Briers Way, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083

  1. Permission to reprint articles by Sandi Coryell, at no charge, is granted with the agreement that:
    1. The article bio be included following each article used.
    2. One copy of the publication in which the article is published be provided t Sandi
    3. A fee per article will be expected for articles published without the closing bio and contact information; $300.
  2. Permission is also granted for reasonable:
    1. Editing content and industry specific example exchange.
    2. Length.
    3. Article title change.
  3. Electronic publishing of articles must include a live, click-able link to http://thecoryellgroup.com/

If you have any questions, please email sandicoryell@thecoryellgroup.com Thank you.

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