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Differences will either be your greatest advantage or they will be your downfall.


Leaders brave enough to hire people who come from a variety of experiences, motivations, and work styles enjoy multi-faceted solutions to challenges, higher levels of creativity, and a dynamic tension that encourages people to do their best.

Too often, though, those advantages disappear in the heat of the daily grind where it’s just easier when everyone is on the same page form the get go. Sure, the work becomes more mediocre and great talent walks out the door because they aren’t challenged, but life seems so much calmer than when you have to deal with all those messy differences of opinion.


According to CPP Global Human Capital Report, 49% of workplace conflict comes form personality clashes and warring egos.


Today, we discuss conflict resolution strategies for leaders who want differences to lead to an advantage and not conflict.


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Sandi Coryell
Keynote Speaker and Leadership Consultant Sandi Coryell works with leaders who want to bring out the best in their teams and themselves so that they can improve their creativity, teamwork, and bottom line. For Speaking or Consulting inquiries, please contact Sandi at 818-288-3483 or email at

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