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Girl Bully: Why She’s Hurting Your Business

‘We have a lot of women here. Is that a problem?’ That is the interview question asked by my soon to be first boss. It has stayed in my brain for over thirty years. First, because I couldn’t understand why working with a group of women would be a problem. And later, because it became… Read More…

The heat is on… do you lead?

  It rained in LA this year. Not much. But enough for my roof to fall in. Which meant I began a long term relationship with my contractor, Kevin. What seemed like a straight forward repair turned into a torturous journey into the underbelly of keeping a house from imploding on itself….and taking my sanity… Read More…

Is Servant Leadership Realistic in Modern Organizations?

Who can argue with some of the basic ideas of servant leadership? Empathy, Community, Awareness, Commitment to Growing People. Yet, does the idea of leaders being a ‘servant’ first work in the real world of competitive organizations. Australian Leadership Consultant Des Walsh and I discuss the topic on this livestream. I’d love to hear your… Read More…

How do you make people you lead feel safe?


Is Your Culture Eating Your Strategy

I joined leadership experts Janice Whiting, Tanya Harris, and John Henry to discuss the value and impact of company culture on your organization’s strategy.   #leadership #culture #business strategy

Leadership Tip: Why Your Influence Never Works Out the Way You Plan

You know that influence is the key to building your empire. Better assignments, high profile connections, clients that flock to your door all seem to magically appear for those who wield the golden scepter of influence. But not for you. You’re stuck poking and prodding people to get them to do what you need done,… Read More…

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